Monday, September 11, 2006

Profound thoughts from a hungry mind 

The following three excerpts are from actual lunch time conversations I've had. The other parties involved in these conversations have threatened me with dire consequences. I think they are over reacting. You judge for yourself.

Conversation number one.

Me (to T, who is from Taiwan): It would be so cool if your name was Sirius and last name was Lee.
T: why?
Me: Cos then we could have this entire conversation where I'd say "Hey, what's your name? And you would be like "Sirius Lee" and I'll be like "Yeah, seriously" and you would be like "No seriously it's Sirius Lee."
T: And given that I'm Chinese, my wife's name could be Annie How.
Me: Nice!

Conversation number two.

X: Wow! You are just having beans for lunch?
Y: Yeah! Look at these beans - they look so depressing.
Me: Do you know why they look depressing?
Y: Why?
Me: Coz they've bean there done that.
Everyone else: Aaaaaaarrrrghhhhh!

Conversation five (don't even ask me why I skipped three and four).

X: Me and my girl friend are planning to visit Japan. Hence we want to learn Japanese.
Me: Why would you learn a whole new language to visit a country. Actually wait. I take that back. A lot of the Indians I know learned two new languages to come to US.
X: Two? Which two?
Me: C++ and Java.
Everyone: Let's beat him up!


Oh My God... These are dead PJs.. :)
And I feel pity on those poor souls in the conversation..
Wait a minute... I think I feel jealous of them, considering the quantity of laughs I get during my lunch hours!!!

No judgement done as of now!! :)

Btw, maine money bheja hain... once u receive it, gimme the address.. :D
i did get a laugh so cant complain!
Don't tell me you are running out of things to write about. This seemed like a really weak way of appeasing your blog-half :) we catch on pretty quick, what say?
You would be totally in place at my work place, where Peter who left for another firm and came back a few months later has been christened Re-Pete and Ray who left and never came back is now caled Ex-Ray (among other things). I liked the last one though.
@the-smiling-girl - so why dont you tell us abt your lunch conversations :) and btw, just got the money - and hence i am addressing the issue now :D

@anon - thanks :)

@m - darn! actually i already have th etopic for my next post ready but had to get these conversations out before i forget :)

@anyesha - lovely! now you have "ray"sed the bars :)

@dhr - :(
hey I was kidding. You know that right? But still will look fwd to the post you mention.
And you digested lunch after this too. Quite a feat
I hear membership for that 'everyone' club is swelling by the second :)
Call me blur, but you seem to be asking a lot of ppl for lunch money these days? hmmm......:D Anyways, conversation 5...hahahah
@m - no i didnt understand - now i am sitting and crying - why did you do this to me???

@shreemoyee - it was actually quite a fea(s)t!

@rohan - but you are not one of them - right??

@duhita - call me double blur but none of these people are actually giving me the money :(
Why did you skip three and four? And when are you going to post them?
Oh c'mon, let's see conv 3 and 4! :-)
I wait and wait and wait for a new post...refreshing every hour(ya loser I am)...to finally see this?????
I am quite angry with the "everyone" group...for letting you get away with that crap and ultimately inflicting those horrible PJs on to the whole world!
Have mercy "everyone"....
@qsg and janani - there is no three and four - it was just temporal quirkiness that led to making that numbering :) *or am i being dishonest*

@tweety - ooooooh! you are actually making me feel guilty :(
The last one was pretty good:)
Nopes.. you certainly wouldnt want to know my lunch time conversations... I dont want to do that to anybody! It deprives you of smile for the next two days.. :)

Oh did u already get the money? I just tracked it down, and the FedEx guy said that its midway in Africa.. :)
Hey, I just read ur response to Duhita.. :)
You just told me that you received the money, right?

(Or was it something else that Duhita was talking about?)
aaaarrrrrggghhhhh.......PJ king......
@sd - thanks :)

@the-smiling-gal - shhhhhh! dont tell duhita that you sent the money - then she wont send any baba!!!

@mathura - i know, seriously :D
Hey Bhagwan! Kaise din aa gaye hain. Aise din dikhane se pehle mujhe uta lete...errrr..nahin Sagnik ko uta lete.
I think Tim is going to Japan to look for other jobs ;) He can't suffer your PJs no more !
They bought me out by offering the President's position ;)
*Blowing a kiss to Nandy* Finally the man speaks my language!
*sees the reply, shakes head at the chivalry levels on this blog and walks away short of words*
what that family of Lee cud've done 4 u:
After Kawsas Lee reading ur post, he shouted 'Bawa Lee!??!' send ur bro Mawa Lee to give a proposal for my sweet daughter Goo Lee to this guy!!

hee hee.. kichu dile kichu niteo hoy dada!! apnar paray prothom bar elam..
hello boss! How r u?
SG, look at his sorry excuse for not writing a new post!:) He is actually waiting for me to send lunch money!!! Bechara, doesn't get enough food out there in a developed nation:D Shall we send another round then? :p
@anon1 - i am hurt :(

@anon2 - both me and t are hurt :(

@rohan - you sellout!!!!

@ideasmith - tries to search for the blown kiss but alas, its gone :(

@the smiling girl - did you see the kiss that ideasmith blew before you walked off??? :D

@vutta - wah wah!

@soo - i am fine. do i know ji?

@anon3 - i have already written post. now where is the lunch money????
Yeah yeah.. I saw the kiss... and I saw in which direction it was given also... :)

@Anon: Hmm.. kya din aagaye that we gotta send lunch money to get posts... :)... Chalo.. ek aur round ho jaye.. :)

@Sagnik: I just couriered the money.. boldena jab milega to.. :).. Aur ek naya post likh dena.. ok? :)
sunandini, from the long forgotten physics classes!
Arey haan, SG, look at that, the trick of sending the second round of lunch money worked:D Oops, anon3 happened to be me, technicalities:p
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