Sunday, October 01, 2006

headLINES from the weekend 

The farmer boy had strong objections against me converting weekend conversations into cartoons. "Why don't you just get lost?" I snubbed him. He left quietly and returned two hours later with this!!!


bloody amazing!!! where was the farm that this boy grew in? and what fodder was her fed? bihari hust have been not?
the bit bout the farmer bboy intro was way better, than the toons.... but im amazed all the same.
Good one - the farmer boy was - still laughing about it! :) I have no ideas why PJs are called such!

Whoever said small things are good? The bigger the rock, the better! :D

HeadLines... welcome back! You were missed...
shubho bijoya
lol! gud ones...just be happy that we like small things better :) imagine big things having bigger diamonds on them ;);)...or wud u guys prefer it tat way? then i guess we have absolutely no prob abt it (u see we girls are very adjustable types) :D... we girls r being so understandable n still u guys complain...sheesh sheesh!!!:D
slightly punny, not too funny, but Happy Bijoya :)
tsk tsk sagnik da... this post reeks of innuendos... women like small things???

how about those who go for big... say big brains???

Hey... read through all your posts on this page: and thoroughly enjoyed them. Also, a little echo of evolution's comment from my side as well! :)
Oho.. thts coz Diamonds are a girl's best friend.. :)
And abhi to update chahiye.. :)
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