Saturday, October 14, 2006

Worth the Wait! 

The sister is here and will be here for the next three weeks. The brother being the doting brother he is, went to pick her up from the airport. The sister being the sister she is, was the last one to arrive, after making the brother wait for more than half an hour at the arrival section. The brother didn't mind though. It was wonderful to observe the multitudes walk out of those gates ... wonderful and varied enough to deserve a blog post he thought.

There's something magical about the arrival section in airports. You see all kinds of people. Different ages, languages, relationships all crowd around a small gate, that, like the womb of the mother, lets out a face that cheers up several anticipating faces outside. I was reminded of the last scene from Love Actually, but Denise Richards's cameo was distracting the material for this post and hence I shook my head a few times and got back to enjoying the sights.

It is interesting to see how different waits can be. The kid next to me was waiting for his dad and the mother next to him was waiting for her husband. She kept glancing at her watch. She had dressed up more than usual. Clearly she wanted to look special for her man. The son was less interested about the arriving dad. "When will daddy arrive?" he asked a few times. But when his slightly tense mother gave the same "The plane has arrived. He'll come out any moment" answer for three consecutive times, he focused his curiosity on other things. "What's that man wearing mom?" he asked abt a kilted gentleman. "What does that sign mean?" "Can I go to the bathroom?" and the likes followed.

The young man on my other side, however, had a very different look on his face. Clearly he was waiting for a woman. His woman. The flowers in his hand left little room for questioning my conjecture. With every single passenger that came out of that door, the frequency with which he unknowingly hit the flowers by his side increased. His lips started making worried gestures and his finger followed the tune too.

An old Chinese couple just walked out of the gates and a huge group of people ran up to greet them. The crowd comprised of a good mix of children and grand children. They all took turn to exchange hugs. Sitting at least twenty feet away, I could still feel the warmth of the moment.

The Sardarji couple came out next. They looked like they were in their seventies. You would think that in their age they must have seen it all. But the moment they saw the three men who were diligently waiting just next to the railing (I'm assuming they were their sons) they echoed the same smile that the Chinese couple had let out.

And that's when I realized that there's something universal about these moments. No one teaches the child to run up to his dad when he walks out of those gates. No one taught me. No one taught the boy sitting next to me either. He forgot all abt his questions the moment he saw his dad walk out and ran up to him. The mother looked relieved too. She got up and started smiling.

Similarly, the moment someone comes out of those gates, and there's someone waiting for them, the first thing they do is to offer to take care of the luggage. It's universal. An act that crosses all cultural barriers. The first thing the three Sardarjis did was take the hand bag away from the old man. The first thing the eagerly waiting guy next to me did when he saw his lady love walk out (she was worth the wait and flowers btw :P) was to tell her "I'll take care of that".

These moments make me very happy. They make me realize that it's wonderful to be have someone who waits for you. It's wonderful to feel jaded and tired but to know that there's someone you'll soon see that'll wipe off all your lethargy with the blink of an eye. It's wonderful to return to those who missed you. Which is why you don't see people getting angry if they have to wait for three hours in an airport but see the same people get ragingly agitated when they can't locate their luggage in the carousel. Because by then the wait has reached its peak. Familiar faces are only a few steps away and every second matters. Which is also why you'll never see people who travel to new places and have no one waiting for them waste any time after they come out. You'll never see someone, who's all by himself, come out and take a little rest before carrying on. They all leave the airport asap. They know they are the minority there and they clearly don't like that.

It's wonderful to wait for those you miss. Waiting for my sister out there, I forgot abt the terrible traffic; I forgot abt the mess in my room; I forgot abt a lot of stuff that had occupied my mind. Seeing her walk out of that door (FINALLLY) just made things feel so right and it felt nice. Hmmmm! It's that time of the month when I get emotional I guess. Or as I like to say - man problems :D

p.s. Check this spam I received. Yeah baby. I have arrived!!!

Nice post, Sagnik... and yes these feelings of warmth and bonding do pervade across cultural or racial boundaries.

P.S. - What happened to the 'Headlines'? Long time and none of them
Nice Post Dude!
Aww, that was a sweet post. You're making me homesick! I wanna fly home and be received by the loved ones! *sob* You had to write this during the festive season, eh? jk

very well written :)

btw my previous comments on ur posts aren't showing up! the darned blogger beta!
Awwwwwwwww cute!!!
Your sister is indeed worth the wait
:) Beautiful post!

I am looking forward to seeing my parents and sisters' faces light up as I walk out the door! It's great to have someone waiting for you! :D Can't wait!!! :))
wen you're on the other side of the railing.. and you need to wait for the lazy bum who was supposed to come pick you up - not pleasant if he doesn't land up with a matki of mishti doi!

This post reminds me of the movie "Love Actually" ...
Finally a man confessed that men also have such times of the month where they get senti and emotional.. :)

Jokes apart, nice post and a real fact... everyone likes being received and everyone likes the wait at the airport/railway station/busstand... unless its an unneccasary, nosy relative.. :)
nice... :)
Ahhhwwww bless. Enjoy your time together then. But don't be a typical brother that gets the sister to do all the dishes now that shes around:p hehehe
Oh my...you are capable of sweetness !
While I read, as usual I was expecting some wit, and then i read 'warmth'. Thats when it hit me that it ain't a typical sagnik post :)
nice warm post, I am waiting for thu too, i'm gonna visit my bro [:)] just counting days, enjoy your days with ur sis.
Yup! Its all summed up in that title of yours. Have fun.
What can I say? This post is worth the wait!! Good one. Enjoy your time with Pummy!
I agree, there no better feeling than to wait and meet whom you care for..butttttt what happened to you man...u getting emotional n all..:)
That was so sweet of you sagnik.

And yeah, u made me really homesick esp during this festive season.
@sudipta - thanks :) headLINES will be back soon :)

@sd - thanks

@iksha - thanks :) and what? comments not showing up? why o why o why?

@anon - i know - btw, do you mean weight or wait *ducks instantly* :D

@qsg - thanksy!

@akanksha - now did you have to remind me of mishti doi now??? something which has no equivalanet here :((

@ash - very true - i actually mentioned it in the post itself :)

@tsg - do you have to tease a man during this time of the month??? do you have no mercy???

@pushuka - thanks :)

@duhita my malaysian reader - ooops! i have already put her to work :P

@supriya - yeah, the guy i normally plagiarize from is away. he had to go to the airport to pick someone up and hence i had to write this myself :(

@risha - here's wishing you a great trip!!!

@m - :)

@manchus - oh thank you very much :)

@pallavi - i said na - man problems :D

@mathura - thanks for the first part and oops for the second part :)
awww! nice post! i miss my sister :)
Oh yeah! I love to watch those exciting faces and greetings. Some with flowers and few with cameras. A big Hello to your sister. Have fun.
aww has been said. i will add mine, still. extra w. a(wwwwwwwww)n+1

i enjoy the people watching while waiting , the waiting, and being waited for too! all warm experiences.
@prerona - ohhhhh! you miss sister, i miss sister - that way you and i must be realted :D

@ratna - bigger hello back from her :)

@akanksha - evil evil you !!!

@tgfi - ok ok! youwin the award for the best awwwwwwwww - i am totally awwwwww struck :P
Came here via a reco from a friend who's apparently quite taken in by your writing. And may I say, I was not disappointed. :)

Nice one! :)
right now i'm wishing i was ur sister *leaky nose sniff*!! i want a long there too :(
right now i'm wishing i was ur sister *leaky nose sniff*

I want a 3 week long stay in sd :(

please do the needful at the earliet :|

(why don't u let people trash their comments?)
Nice post.

One of my favorite parts of the movie Love Actually is the ending credits where they filmed random people at the Heathrow Airport arrival gate.
Ooohooon..*shaking her head side to side*
Nopes, jab hum ladkiyon ko koi mercy nahi milta, hum kyun ladkon mar mercy dikhaye.. :P
*laughs at TGFI's and Sayesha's comments*
@sayesha - i have been reading your blog for quite some time though, without any friend of mine telling me abt it :D and i have been anything but disappointed :)

@akanksha - ha ha. i know why you want to go to SD. Sadly, I don't stay in SD but stay in Bay Area now :P

@mint chutney - thanks :) your comment reminded me of When Harry Met Sally where they filmed a whole bunch of real people and their views on love - i really liked the idea!

@tsg - :O *stares with open rounded glaring eyes at the false accusations huruled at him* :)
Nice post Sagnik. Kinda started missing my sis too after reading this.
Nice post are we gonna see apart deux as to how she made you drive her around and wait for her while she guzzled out ur greens on her first shopping binge ;)
:O Accusations? Maine kab kiya? *goes through the whole comment space to look for few*
Maine to kuch nahi kiya..:(*sad puppy face*

Btw, blog par update chahiye.. :D
And yes.. Happy Diwali!
Based on a very recent experience - one of the best feelings is reaching a destination and seeing the familiar faces (in a crowd of zillion strangers) you so dearly missed! The warmth and welcome in their eyes makes the 20+ hrs of journey well worth it!
One of the worst feelings is leaving and heading back to phoren land! :(
awwwww!!! really touchy touchy!!!:)g8 post!:)...n happy diwali!:)
a very nice post.. reminded me of the times i have stood at the Delhi airport waiting for my sisters to arrive. Have wondered quite a few times about how for those 30 /40 mins that one is waiting .. we stop to think about our deadlines .. our stupid work or some other such unimp work.. just keep wondering wthr your sis is the girl in red or pink or black :) Panaah
Wow!!! Sagnik and Senti? I thought that was an oxymoron ;)

I never knew the brothers also feel the warmth this way. Yeah, they have waited, did errands for sisters like me but hearing words like this is new to me. :) Wish your sister reads this post.
You have a witty blog but why do you manage to get so many women commenters? Are they your friends from college or something?
I also write a blog so I am feeling a little competetive with you, sorry.
For Happy Lawyer :
Didn't you know girls go for 'Wit and Wisdom'?

No, we don't Sagnik from College or work. Just came here after several blog-hopping. And now I am one of the regular visitors looking for entertaining posts.

BTW Sagnik,
Happy Diwali to you and your family. This year your family (ur sis) is here. Enjoy!!
A little too heavy on the emotional count, but I guess we can handle this once in a while :D Guess it is time for a new post now?!
very nice observations... but 'mnan problems'?? :)
and then??????????
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