Monday, November 13, 2006

A cup of HonesTea 

Thanks to all the kind folks who expressed concern over my absence. I was and still am ... errrr ... hmmm ... well, how do I say this ... suffering from that thing they call A Writer's Block. It had to happen. The signs were there. I've seen several bloggers go through this myself. First, the post frequencies go down. Then you observe some uncharacteristic posts. Funny people turn philosophical. Sarcastic bloggers go mellow. Chic bloggers discuss societal evils. The last straw is when, an otherwise original blogger, responds to a tag. That's it. You clearly know then that the hiatus is coming and a lot of times you just keep revisiting the blog to reaffirm your fears.

So I woke up and looked at the date of the last post. October 26th it said. It was the first week of November then. "Aaaaah! Just ten days," I said to myself. I often spend two weeks between posts. "No problem at all. I'll surely think of something tomorrow." The next day I sat down to write again. I wanted to write on a variety of topics - "Changing fashion for women in India, When to know a relationship is over, the Metrosexual Man ... etc. etc." but I of all people knew that each one of those posts would've been really lame. It would've been just like a Suraj Barjatya movie where I would've just taken one of my old posts and presented it again, only this time with worse songs and an actor who at best can be described as a good backup of my regular star. "In the age of Multiplexes where the cost of a ticket is comparable to a month's school fee, my audiences clearly don't deserve this crap," I honestly said to myself. I still had two days before it was officially a fortnight. So I didn't force crap down my kind readers.

The next day I wanted to take the escapist route. That of headLINES. Lame lines feature aplenty in my day to day conversations (much to the chagrin of people close to me). All I had to do was take a few of them and "stick it up to you". Lines like:

* Studies reveal that too much time on the cell phone can reduce one's sperm count. So I called up all my friends and warned them about it.

* I can't believe that people like Angelina Jolie and Madonna are actually outsourcing adoption.

* A college in India has reserved more than 60% seats for the SC/ST quota. Am I the only one who sees irony in the fact that the college will have a majority of minorities?

came to my head. But by then twelve days had passed. Kind readers who had waited so long did not deserve this. So I decided to wait. Wait till I had nothing less than a classic in hand to unleash to the World. "I would rather have the canvas blank than splash it colors that would scar it. This canvas deserves nothing but the most inane modern art and I shall wait till I deliver it," I convinced myself.

But let's be honest here. As a writer I'm at best mediocre. I'm like Raja Hindustani where I might be a hit suddenly but even I know that I'm kinda crappy. Moreover that thing called age is catching up too (OK, being self critical is one thing Sagnik, but falsely calling yourself old coz you have nothing to write is not a very good thing!!). Most people who started blogging at a time when I did, now have children who are blogging. I have been to Bloggers meets where I could easily pass of as a strict father who was sitting there to escort his young blogging daughter. Let's face it - I have reached a point where I can finally make statements like "What do you people know. I used to blog with your father. We worked hard so that you guys can reap the benefits of a ..." So it is kinda sad.

Bottom line, I still have nothing to write but I surprise myself by writing four paragraphs on that. And that is exactly why I will not shut down this blog. I will not post an obscure post telling you "Enuff no more. Tis not so sweet now as it was before ..." That would mean shutting down the possibility of pouring never-ending amounts of crap on you kind readers and I don't want to give up on that chance. But at the same time I'll be honest. Don't come back here everyday expecting anything good. Treat me, at best, like a Ramgopal Verma movie - there'll be a ton of bad ones. So many, that you'll stop reading me. But occasionally I'll surprise you with a sudden blockbuster. If not for anything else, just to ensure that I can repeat the whole cycle again.

Yaaay you are back! :-)

You know headlines are always good - after a week or a month :-)
Aaah....our ego needs pampering, does it? This whole "Sob! I'm not as good as I wish so let me stop pretending" bit? Oh well, we all go through it.

From another 'old-timer' blogger...here's my hanky.

P.S. - Try reading other people's blogs...I find they're great for giving me great ideas of how I can write a post better...ah, long live narcisscism and shameless self-promotion!
Also....never see you online anymore. Wanna chat or talk sometime?
what's with the honeshtea? bring on the funnay i say!

:-) glad you're not shutting down, looking forward to reading more inane crap. ;-)
Aaaahhh... so finally the classic is unleashed... Nandy came back finally without the block! :)
Welcome back... eee Blogger baap... :)

-One of your loyal, kind "Look who is talking, suffering from a huge block herself" Readers
I will continue to visit several times a day and abuse you until you stop ignoring and start entertaining.

I was so depressed that I had myself paused blogging!
Oh.. and I went about distributing tons of candy telling people that the blogging world has finally rid itself of the stigma!! :(

Bad bad investment... shouldn't count headlines before they are drawn :D

Grand to see you back, sire... do post something once in a while
Interesting writer's block - allowed you to fill over a half page. Couldn't be that bad, now could it??? :)

Er...welcome back???
But we still stop by and we'll keep on checking, blockbuster or not. take care and don't fret.
Oye chup. Stop that natak and get back to blogging...will ya?
You owe it to us. Big time!
Try Fiction!

It always work! Nothing like fiction to post during writer's block

Desipundit didn't bother to classify your post under Humour. Now that's ominous.
Read a volume of Wodehouse for inspiration. If you need one, that is.
hmm, think i am getting there too....i am writting crappy stuff...more crappy than i ever used to...not that it was any good..hehe.....but i am getting there....
@janani - thanks :)

@ideasmith - sure i wanna chat (and/or) talk sometime. you should seriously start using Google Talk :D

@tgfi - funny is on its way (or so i will have you believe) :)

@tsg - aaawww! what would i do madam without your sweetness :)

@akanksha - clearly i have to talk to ur mgr and get you more work assigned :P

@sudipta - now if only you had sent some of those candies to me ... :))

@qsg - don't rub it in :)

@m - bas, now that you have said i am all re-energized!!

@tweety - wow! you sound just like my mom :)

@f2f - oh i only like faction - when i can see some facts in the fiction that i can identify with :(

@jingu - :) if this was indeed termed as humor that would be quite sad - nah?

@dhr - try plagiarizing - works really well for me :)
well i can understand u didnt hv a specific topic to blog abt and since that leaves me with no particular comments to write let me mk a ques outta curiosity:):)...how is it that so many times u somehow manage to post a new blog after weeks but dont hv time to reply to the previous blog's last few commenters???:):)...n now do pls find time to answer this comment b4 u post a new blog! ;)
A strnager to you..
Read a blog by u ,.
for "a cup of honestea"..
you get complements from me..

KUDOS...you bring a smile to readers..keep writing..!!
Just keep acknowledging that I am sweet... thats all... :D.. Btw, I got rid of my block to some extent! :)
@xyz - sorry sorry sorry :) you are one my fav (and completely mysterious commenter) and i apologize for failing to respond to the previous posts comments :((

@anon - aaaw! thanks :)

@tsg - you are sweeet :D
5 months into my humble blog and i have already gone through the same!! my posts are now conforming to the law of diminishing returns
danke for stopping by. Though, how did you come across my blog? Plain curious.
comparing yourself to the likes of RGV eh? :) atleast you don't churn posts like The Factory does films! i think its my first comment here, have read only the odd post or two, despite repeated reccos from fellow bloggers, and it took a writers block post to get me outta me own slumber, lol!
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