Friday, November 24, 2006

Remembering the Titans! 

I just saw Dhoom 2 and Hrithik and Ash play the "gorgilicous" team of baddies in it. As the suave baddie Mr. A, Roshan Jr. does all things a hero is supposed to do - sing, dance, lip lock and get a happy ending. He also gets ample scope to reveal his toned and tanned body. In one scene of the movie, where the Jr. B and Jr. R get involved in the quintessential good vs evil fist fight, the girl accompanying me to the movie screamed out "Kill him Hrithik!" That blurred the line for hero vs villain for me totally. Agreed, that The King Khan himself had played the baddie in a spate of mid 90s hits. But remember what happened to those characters? They stammered, they got beaten up and they eventually died. A very different scenario from the new Dhoom and Don movies I'd say where the bad guy walks off with the loot and lot. That's when I figured that Abhishek, with his leather jacket and rugged countenance, could never kill the baddie. Coz the baddy had died years ago. Yes, ladies and gentleman, whether you accept it or not, the Hindi movie bad guy has died a silent death and it's time I pay my homage.

I've been adding a dose of Hindi movies to my diet since the age of eight. I grew up watching the likes of Amjad Khan, Amrish Puri, Shakti Kapoor and Sadashiv Amrapurkar. Things were so different then. Like Ranjeet. If he was there he would try to molest a girl and if he would try to molest a girl he would get the crap beaten out of him by the hero. Ranjeet was in some ways the predecessor of Dhoom's Mr. A. I guess he somehow convinced his producers to give him a chance to flaunt his muscular body. Ranjeet always had a few buttons of his shirt open and when he tried to molest the gori in a gory moment, he would open a few more buttons. Too bad he didn't ge a chance to sing and dance ala Mr. A. I miss you Ranjeet uncle.

Then there was Shetty. Aah, what a character he was. My father, who's a phenomenal resource on B tier characters of A tier movies, gave me so much information on the subject. If Dharmendra was in the movie, Shetty had to be there too. And if Shetty was in the movie, then he had to be killed by getting hit with an iron object (varying from rods, to chains, to drums ...) on the head. Years before the Silpas and Sunils brought the Shetty name movie fame, this bald and dutiful villain had done his part quietly (literally, coz he hardly ever spoke any words) in many a hit. We will always miss him.

The villains in eighties and even the early nineties had another trait. They had an evil family and friend circle as well. These days the few villains we have are too much in love with hogging abundant screen time (of the little time they get, that is). The old school villains were all family men. In my early visits to the cinemas, nothing thrilled me as much as an evil Kader Khan tormenting a village that had Jitendra as an "officer" (I loved how he never had a designation other than being officer sahaab) having equally evil conversations with his evil but dumb scion Shakti Kapur and the dedicated munimji Asrani. There was always a moment when Shakti Kapur tried to mimic the same moves on the heroine that Jitendra tried (oh, some moves they were) and would get beaten up black and two shades of blue in the process. That would lead to Kader Khan sending his "men with sticks" to pick up the girl, her blind father, polio struck brother and a motley of other characters from the village of Stereotypepur. Innovative torture techniques like hanging the brother upside down and the getting the heroine to dance under a home made waterfall were then employed. And then there was the icing moment, just before the officer sahab's entry, where Kader Khan would try to force the heroine to marry Shakti Kapoor. Oh where have those movies gone Dinu Chacha?

Sadashiv Amprapurkar was a "family villain" too (unless we are talking of Sadak). However bad Mr. Amprapurkar was he always allowed his college going son to do whatever he wanted (it was sad that all the son wanted to do was to tease girls sitting on his motorbike). There are countless movies where the son is the one that brings the hero and villain against each other. That's what would then bring the "home minister" into the equation too. Oh, where have those movies gone?

And if there is one thing that I miss most abt the villains of yesteryears - it's their names. When did we start naming our bad guys Raj, Rahul and Aryan (aka Mr. A). What happened to Gabbar, Mogambo, Dang, Dong, Raka, Zabisco, Zulmi Singh and the likes? What happened to their trademark gestures. Be it Gabbar's tobacco chewing laughter, or Mogambo getting khush, or Gulshan Grover adding a "bad man" at the end of every sentence. Why did we kill these characters? Is it just me or does anybody else feel sad when they see Gulshan Grover playing the honest brother in a movie now? Come on! That guy used to be every brothers nightmare. What have we done to him??

So this is my appeal to all you kind readers. Bring back the baddies. Bring them back with captions like "badder and better than ever before". Coz we all know, that as cool and suave Roshan junior might be - he can never pull of a "Arre o samba, kitney admi thhe?".

P.S. I'm almost tempted to make the next post a list of 20 ultimate Hindi movie villain cliches. Lesse.

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havent watched it yet, but heard it is worth a dekho...

as for the villain... isnt it just another process of Evolution?

Tsk Tsk Humnaam Dada, you are growing old!!!

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

"Kill him Hrithik!!" --- hey bhagavan, it seems being a bad guy is better these days than being the good guy...
heyyy i liked dhoom 2!!!! but ash was horrible....she looks sooo plastic...wonders what her makeup guy was trying to do with her!!! but all said n done nice movie! :):)
I had noted the same thing that you noted in both Dhoom 2 and Don and a few more films. and I quite liked the fact that the black and white in Bollywood were blurring a bit. That the bad guy can win, or at least be more likeable, the cop a pain in the arse, and the grey worthy of exploration. more lifelike no?
Bring it on, Nandy (the top 20 list we means)! We lurrves bad boys so we'd have been yelling "Go Hrithik" too!
Why only Hindi movies? Look even Hollywood's picjed up the trait. Have a look at Ocean's 11, american Wedding (where even a guy like Stiffler gets to walk away with teh hot babe while poor old Finch has to find solace with Stiffler's Mom). And what about the greatest movie of 'good versus evil' of all time -Star Wars. The end te prequel by almost making a hero out of Darth Vader. Where's the world going to? I really miss those simple bad old days.
Next, most probably they will come up with an Asterix and Obelix movie with Julius Caesar drinking potion and whacking the hell out of the Gauls. Then don't say that I didn't tell you.

Gr8 post Sagnik. Maestro you exceed yourself.
@junior - "humnaam dada"??? yikes. shall not even reply to that :P

@sudipta - i think the line good guys finish last also needs the addendum that the "good guys finish last and all by themself" :)

@xyz - i thought ash looked nice :) but then it is the "man in me speaking" - haha!

@n - i am fine with grey characters and love them myself. it's just that the pure bad guys of Hindi cinema were so much fun and i miss them :((

@ideasmith - what? you were one of those "go hrithik" girls too??? you, the man hater? what have we done to you? i knew the aliens are finally here :)

@pu - i love the way you mention american wedding. it was interesting to see the characters turn from lecherous creeps to romantics in the (inter)course of three movies :)
C'mon buddy.. you cant blame anyone if that girl said that.. Hrithik looks extremely hot in the movie.. doesnt he?

But on a serious note, yes... I agree.. we have lost those traditional bad guys... Whatever happened to those Grovers and the Puris.
I think you should write that post of yours.. lemme know if u dont rememeber any of the baddies, will be more than glad to help.. :D
You missed my favourite...Prem....Prem Chopra....
Shaggy..c'mon how u could you forget 'Loin'..the greatest don Bollywood has ever seen!! But yeah I agree with the fact that we no longer have a true demarcation between good vs evil! I mean we no longer have certified villains, heros will do as well! And even if we do have villains, they seem very sophisticated and to quite an extent lovable :D (refer to Mr.A)!!

A hidden gem is "Pralaynath Goondaswami" in Tiranga.
A villian's name can't get more symbolic!!!!
Jaa taa brilliant! Sooper, in other words.

However, you missed out the bunch of Thakusaabs from the generic-villian list. Who lived in a haveli, usually had a nondescript wife and an evil munim and either a wicked son or a innocent young daughter in love with the penniless son-of-a-labourer hero.

And please hurry up with that post on top 20 villian cliches. And why stop at villians? Keep going :-)
aha rey... i say humnaam which is the same as namesake... and all i get is a "yikes"...

american imperialism door bhagaao... rashtriya bhasha ki jay ho!!!

he he ;)

Love,laughter n keep the Faith

U'v been forgetting, pran, dr.nandy. the heart of the villainous circuit.
but seriously, whats so wrong with baddy's winning? but it would have been interesting to see the old baddy'swin to, but that dint happen, but these do. wheres the harm? other than the fact that i HATE hritik, srk was amazing. feminine, yes, but metrosexually amazing.
Where is the list of baddies?
Hey how come no mention of "Saara sheher hamein Loin (Lion) ke naam se jaanta hai...!" ;)

You are getting very tardy, my fellow blogger!
so how much more longer do u u plan to remember the titans? :):)..
do remember abt something else also n post a blog abt it soon :):)
"When did we start naming our bad guys Raj, Rahul and Aryan" LOL. I guess to confuse us viewers as to who the hero is and who the potential villain is.
isn't it time for a new post?
*sees that there is no update today also and closes the page*
U dont plan to write or what? Write something soon man! :)
hey u r awesome...dont know how i stumbled onto your blog...but couldnt help giggling every two minutes...ur blogs took away abt quarter of my workday today!! and you know what the airport piece you wrote i have had those SAME thoughts everytime ive been there....but since i dont blog i never had an opportunity to pen them down :))
I think we slowly started blurring the line between good and bad when villains started getting replaced by character artistes - Anupam Kher, Nana Patekar etc played goodies and baddies in alternate movies. (Prior to this, all the villains were exclusively so and some of them - like Pran - switched to exclusively goodies.)

Then, of course, SRK came and made the bad so cool (as opposed to glamorous) that people started getting swayed even more.

i really miss those good ol' days of Hindi cinema where the police will come after the fight is over, the heroine will wear a saree to meet the hero's parents, the kiss will be represented by two touching flowers, hero running with camera focussing on his legs as he grows up and camera comes on to his face... and what not?

I am sucker for nostalgia, so good to find more of the kind!
What ever happened to the blogger who used to write here?
thought you said sometime back that you'd be in India in Dec. also thought they had internet in india. or was I wrong?
@tsg - Hritthik was in the movie??? Sorry if Bipasha distracted me. I'm sure he was there but sorry dint notice :)

@gg - who is GG? Who are you? naam batao? who are you?

@behere - you wont believe it but i have seen that movie so many times - it is a classic - remmeber the scene where Rajkumar makes the entry??

@stone - "love"ly!!

@rimi - i would never forget those heavy moustached men who had submissive crying wives and tyrannt sons :)

@evolution - eeeesh!!

@sayatani - wow! how do you know abt Pran????

@shrimoyee - coming soon :) for $200 I will send you an earlier version :D takers??

@madhura - thank you very very much! that was very kind of you :)

@dipta - i am a sucker for nostalgia too - or as they would do it old movies - black and white old school flashbacks :)

@bindu - he is back :)

@m - i come from a small village of Kolkata :D i thought you were planning a trip too :0 are you??
Just Chill Just Chill,
Nice POst.
I work for a radio station and would like to talk with you on some of the villians u spoke of, and if interesting use it for a programme
If interested, mail me at
Thanks and regards,
Baaki sab kuch bhi nahin!!!!
My dream would be to host a programme which pays a tribute to the old villains...the true greats!..OR

No list beats this list!!!!


Contact me if you want a good host who can speak Hindi/urdu(and English of course) well..despite the fact that I am from the UK , I don't speak with a "phoren" zubaan!

Deepak sahab (radiowale bhai) kya aap kuch lar sakte hai mere liye?
The list above tells you "how much I know" compared to those posting comments before me.
"Humein aazma lo jaani"
Make me your discovery , Please!!!
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